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Small Disc Natural Stone Agate Necklace, handcrafted Jewelry from Brazil.


METAL TYPE: Gold Plated (pictures show also silver plated, but the necklaces are only gold plated)
SIZES: 400mm + 100mm extender


Our beautiful AGATES are from Brazil. Agate is known for its protective properties. It helps you anchor yourself to the earth and allows you to feel balanced and centered. It also allows you to slow down and focus on loving yourself and seeing the beauty in the world. You’ll get a broader perspective on anything that may be going on in your life, and you’ll be able to see any situation as it truly is, both the pros and the cons.


If you’re looking to enter a new chapter of your life, this is the right stone for you. It makes any transition smoother and more manageable. You’ll be able to enter into new things with confidence that they will go the way they’re supposed to. 


Agate has a calming, grounding effect and is often used to balance yin and yang energies. It can also be used to cleanse the aura and remove negative energy. Agate can bring out your natural talents and skills, and encourage you to speak your truth. It also promotes self-acceptance and spiritual growth, and soothes anger and bitterness. 

Small Disc Agate Necklace

  • Agate brings a flush of physical energy to the wearer – perfect for pulling you up out of that energy slump. Thanks to its strengthening capabilities, Agate gives your metabolism a boost, ensuring that every inch of your body is ticking over as it should be.


    For those who also struggle from stomach issues and digestion problems, Agate could be the healing medicine you need to help get your system working well. Agate is also known to help strengthen blood vessels and cut down on sleep problems, keeping you well rested and settled in high spirits.

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