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5. Tarot

Card Reading

Tarot Reading is a tool that allow us to get in touch with our own truth. Therefore, having a tarot card reading is an opportunity for you to focus on and work through issues you’re grappling with or questions you might have about your life and next steps.

Reading the Tarot is a ritual practice that helps you to be more mindful by guiding you into a deeper, inner level of awareness. It is a way to journey into yourself to attune and discover your spiritual center. The 78 cards portray all the cycles of human experience; it is a “book” of knowledge.


You can expect a number of cards to be drawn based on your question/topic/situation and the cards will bring you guidance, messages, and answers. A tarot card reading allows us to dig deeper into our psychological blockages, find answers from our past, and help guide us forward.

You'll be treated with respect, friendliness, and kindness. You can expect a totally confidential conversation in a judgement free zone during your tarot reading session. Our job is to help, not to judge.

A tarot card reading can take anywhere from five minutes to one hour, depending on how many questions you have and who you’re working with. You can choose one of two options below: 60 or 90 minutes of consultation.

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Why Should You Get a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot is an incredible powerful tool for spiritual development, personal insight, transformation, and change. It helps you overcome struggles and find inner peace by overcoming feelings like anxiousness, worry, and fear. It is a valuable component of a holistic approach to mental health.


It isn’t a prophetic process.

You should view a tarot reading as a self-care practice as opposed to a device that predicts your future, when things are going to happen, or, for that matter, the winning lottery numbers.

Tarot readings are not always positive.

Life has twists and turns –  and occasional hardships.

In most of our day to day lives, we experience some stress here and there (problems at work, relationship issues, sickness, etc) and that may show up in your reading.

That’s not a “bad reading” – that’s life.

Tarot is not responsible for your decisions.

It’s your decisions that determine your destiny – and you can decide to take the happy route or the hard one.  We’re just here to shine the light on the best path. A positive or negative future is totally up to you.

"Tarot doesn't predict the future. Tarot facilitates it.

-Philippe St Genoux

Book a Service

  • Available Online

    Consultation for Guidance through Tarot Cards, Oracles & Pendulum.

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    1 hr 30 min

    85 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Consultation for Guidance through Tarot Cards, Oracles & Pendulum.

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    1 hr

    70 US dollars
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