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My Approach

Holistic therapy is a type of therapy that addresses the “whole” person. This kind of therapy integrates spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional forms of well-being. Its goal is to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves on all these levels.

Holistic therapy can take many different forms. We offer:

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Aromatherapy and Herbalism are healing tools through Nature. We offer a special service which we discuss your needs and create an essential oil blend just for you


ThetaHealing is a therapy through a meditation technique used to heal physical pain, release emotional trauma, break negative beliefs and patterns, and much more. This brings out the best in ourselves and allows us to live our most enlightened and successful lives.

Treatment with Apometry brings emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing, cure and harmonization of the electromagnetic field on all levels, bringing the client an energetic balance and reconnecting them with the divine source. This technique can be done in people, animals, or properties.

Use Tarot Reading to access your intuition and find the answers you need to transform everything from love to family to your professional life.

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