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Purifying energetic bath was created to cleanse your spirit, mind, and body from negative energy. It is a purification ritual used to promote a positive energy flow in your life by removing blockages or stagnant energy that may cause your soul distress or dysfunction.


By cleansing away the negative energy of the past, we can create space for new positive energy to enter our lives. When done with the proper intention, spiritual cleansing can have powerful and lasting effects on your physical and mental health and your overall spiritual wellbeing. 

Purification: Spiritual & Energetic Bath

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  • Salt (cleaning); Basil (protection, transformation, love); Boldo (protection, purification, healing); Eucalyptus Essential Oil (health, healing, purification, protection); Peppermint Essential Oil (strength, healing, renewal, purification, love); Lavender (harmony, peace, purifying); Star Anise (protection & purification); Lemon (protection, purification, health, love).

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