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Introducing our "Citrine" candle, designed to infuse your space with a radiant sense of success, clarity, and joy. Crafted with care, this candle combines organic soy wax with a delightful blend of fragrances, including zesty lemon, uplifting orange, refreshing fennel, and invigorating mint, all complemented by the comforting crackle of wooden wicks.


But what sets our "Citrine" candle apart is the inclusion of natural citrine crystal stone and chips. Bursting with vibrant energy, citrine is renowned for its ability to attract abundance, enhance clarity of thought, and uplift the spirit with its sunny disposition.


Embedded within the wax and delicately scattered as decorative accents, the citrine crystal stone and chips serve as powerful conduits for positive energy, infusing the air with a warm and welcoming ambiance that inspires feelings of success, clarity, and joy.


As you light our "Citrine" candle, allow yourself to bask in its luminous glow and invigorating fragrance, while the presence of the citrine crystal amplifies its transformative effects, guiding you towards a path of prosperity, enlightenment, and unbridled happiness.


*Once the crystal falls off the wax, take it out. Check out the crystal care section to see what to do next with your crystal. If you want, you can return the crystal chips to nature by placing them outside, under a tree, or in a flower vase.

Citrine Soy Crystal Candle

$36.99 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Organic Soy Wax, Lemon Fragrance, Orange Fragrance, Fennel Fragrance, Mint Fragrance, Wooden Candle Wicks, Natural Citrine Crystal Stone, and Natural Citrine Crystal Chips for decoration.

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