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Being happy is a choice that is always within your control. No one can decide for you whether you can be happy or not. No one can decide what makes you happy or why it does so. And no one can stop you from going after what makes you happy.


With this Joy & Happiness spiritual and energetic bath, you can attract joy and optimism into your life, fulfill hopes and wishes, invigorate your own energy, so that you are better able to manifest happiness within your life.

Joy & Happiness: Spiritual & Energetic Bath

SKU: 1002
$15.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
  • Salt (cleaning); Sugar (love & joy); Rosemary (protection, joy, mental focus); Chamomile (peace, love, luck, joy); Bergamot Essential Oil (joy & protection); Oregano (joy, happiness, love, luck); Sunflower (protection, illumination, success).

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