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Apometry Session for People

Apometry allows the Body, Mind & Spirit to return to its ideal state of balance.

  • 2 hours
  • 120 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Treatment with Stellar Multidimensional Apometry brings emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing on all levels, bringing the client an energetic balance and reconnecting them with the divine source. The technique uses a series of commands for cleansing, cure and harmonization of the electromagnetic field of a person, animal, or property. HOW THE SESSION WORKS: • In an Apometry session, work is always done with a purpose, and various issues can be addressed, such as financial difficulties, relationship problems, depressive processes, work issues, and a series of challenges that, in some way, affect the client. Only one topic/issue to be addressed per session, to have a clear understanding of the root problem and next steps. • Please have the following information on hand for the session: your full name, date of birth, and full address (including zip code, apartment number, etc.). You will also need to choose a topic/issue to be addressed during the session. • All sessions are online. During the session, the Apometer performs the treatment using Apometry techniques combined with Radiesthesia. During the session the Apometer will report all the perceptions and treatments indicated in the session, and will do the following: - Measure your frequency energy; - Check the energy of your physical body; - Check if your house needs energy cleanse; - Check harmful energies of your emotional body, such as anxiety, fear, anger, low self-esteem, stress, etc.; - Check harmful energies of your mental body, such as limiting beliefs, self sabotage, mental manipulation, etc.; - Check harmful energies of your spiritual body, such as obsessors, black energy, energetic attack, repressed mediumship, etc.; - Check and rescue lost fragments of your mental, emotional or spiritual body. - Check which of your chakras are out of alignment; - Do a Reiki session to restore your balance; - Check the holistic treatments recommended for you; - Break all pacts, agreements, magic, spells, attacks and harmful energies from you; - Carry out cleanings, activations and healing in your energy field. • The treatment is active for 21 days and it may be necessary to repeat the session, if indicated during the session.​ • You cannot request an Apometry session from someone else. The person must authorize and be present during the session. If it makes sense to you, and it is your choice that I help you in your process of self-knowledge and consciousness awakening, schedule a session now.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you!

Contact Details


9155 Huron Bluffs Drive, White Lake, MI, USA

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